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Country singer-songwriter, ALYSSA JACKLIN arrives on the music scene with a collection of handcrafted songs that speak about womanhood, vulnerability, and courage.    Alyssa’s music has a heart of defiance wrapped in a kind, steady voice, with a strong fragility in her singing, a heartbreaking quality that brings depth to sad songs and a spirit of hopefulness to the happy ones.

Alyssa’s upbringing might have something to do with her passion for country music and for telling it like it is.   She used songwriting as a creative outlet in her early years and always had an open world-view about people everywhere.  


“I have always had a gypsy heart, and a wanderlust soul, so I think my music follows suit.  It’s open, and I try to be as honest as I can be while writing songs and lyrics.  Growing up my mom always listened to country songs and my dad listened to oldies and Motown, so the mix between country and blues seems to come naturally to me.”


Alyssa grew up listening to all kinds of music from Motown to Mariah Carey to Punk to Classic Rock.   But, she admits, the music that resonates the most these days is the Blues; and it’s not surprising that she loves the Blues with its deep emotional center. She says, “Otis Redding is the epitome of soul and blues to me... you feel every note he sings because he sings with such conviction and raw emotion. It's heart wrenching, brutal and beautiful all at the same time. It's a mind blowing experience every time I listen to him. I fall in love with his voice all over again each time I hear his songs on the radio.” Admiring that raw emotion and vulerability shows in the depth of her lyrical expression.


“Songwriting has always been very therapeutic for me.  I naturally gravitate to strong, solid, brutally honest lyrics, so when I write lyrics I try to be as honest as possible. I want listeners to be able to relate to my songs.  I think you can describe my music as deeply personal and at times vulnerable.  I think music is interchangeable between my authenticity and the songs that I write.”   


Alyssa’s resides in Southern California where she spends her time songwriting and raising her two children.